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Desperate times call for extreme measures…


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Awareness Test: Whodunnit for TFL

I’m a big fan of this campaign, and personally think this is a fantastic follow-up to the ‘moonwalking bear’ TV ad. Created by WCRS as part of Transport for London’s cycling awareness campaign, with the strapline “it’s easy to miss something you’re not loooking for” the ad is very cleverly shot in one take, and makes for repetitive viewing – whilst also appealing to my love of all things Agatha Christie.

check out dothetest for all the awareness ads

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Burger King Has a Whopper Freakout

The Whopper Freakout is the brilliant new Burger King ad campaign shot as an undercover experiment to show the emotional power of ‘America’s favorite’ burger. The customer outrage is apparently all real!

[via Fallon Planning]

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London Takes Digital Advertising Underground

Seen at Euston station- finally London gets on board with digital advertising displays. (excuse the poor quality and shoddy camera work- was best I could do!) We hope to see a lot more of these popping up soon – a prime opportunity for branded utility to enhance the travel experience.

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Green-washing or Greenwashing?


Street Advertising Services has taken the idea from reverse graffiti that we’ve been seeing around the world and established what they call ‘a professional provider of Street Art and Advertising’ that creates eco-friendly branded graffiti. This literally is green-washing in the most positive sense: a street team turns up at night with a pressure-washer to blast a stensilled advert onto the pavement using only the cleaning power of water. As this only constitutes street-cleaning the process is legal and therefore can be used to target any area, which sounds great for brands, but slightly less appealing to the residents. Lets hope someone stops and thinks about the visual implications of this before we have Starbucks adverts on every paving slab!

[via Threeminds@Organic]

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Lacoste launches Virtual Modeling Contest

Sounds pretty ridiculous and somewhat pointless but it’s definitely a novel approach to marketing in Second Life. According to WWD, Lacoste is holding a modeling contest for the 100 most remarkable avatars. Six of the winners will participate in a virtual photo shoot, and the results will be posted in an online
gallery. They also will split prize money of $1 million Lindens.  The competition started yesterday so hurry if you want to enter!

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D&G controversial ads pulled


Not a company to shy away from controversy, Dolce and Gabbana are in trouble over their advertising yet again. After problems over menswear adverts glorifying knives earlier this year, the company have been faced with another uproar from their newest ad currently running in menswear magazines that critics say condones violence towards women.

The image shows a woman being pinned down by a half-naked man, with four other men watching. In typical D&G style the models look moody and agressive, expressions which in this case many have read as signifying a menacing situation, with some going as far to say that the image looks like gang rape.

Due to this controversy, which has led to protests in Spain and Italy, the ad has now been pulled- a little extreme some may think (especially as the general consensus is that D&G men are gay anyway), but with the fashion industry in enough trouble already over skinny models and health issues, they don’t need to be tackling any more social taboos!

via Brandweek

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M + F Girbaud Advertise for Peace


French label Marithè + François Girbaud are no strangers to creating controversial advertising campaigns, and having previously focussed on religion and war, the design duo have decided to use their new season’s adverts to promote a future of hope and peace for children in war-torn areas. Teenagers from Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan and Rwanda are shown in the photographs wearing adult-sized pieces from the s/s 2007 collection whilst happily sewing seeds into fields.

The images portray the designers’ partnership with Seeds of Peace, a non-profit organization that aims to educate and empower young people from regions of conflict to develop empathy, respect and peace among the next generation of leaders. As their newly-appointed official sponsor, Marithé+François Girbaud will also design a special line of SoP clothing which will only be available on the website, with 100% of proceeds
benefiting Seeds of Peace.

A worthy cause to promote, lets hope the campaign – which is due to get lots of exposure thanks to it featuring in glossy magazines and on billboards throughout the world – makes more people take stock of the importance of peace for the next generation.

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In Stores Now is a great site that makes fun of how far brands are infiltrating our lives by placing advertising in the most controversial settings. Among those displayed are ideas for ‘branding’ strippers, animals and places/items of worship. Funny images, but how long until we see a company push the boundaries of taste and utilise such ideas? Many have come close through ‘sponsorship’ and ‘charity’ deals enabling a huge amount of product promotion and placement around these areas, but i’ve yet to see a logo on a bible. Is this the future of advertising? And will brands soon be buying our skins, if not our souls?

In Stores Now
via adverlab

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Accessorize on a Grand Scale

Picture_4The new advertising campaign for Accessorize in Switzerland is definitely hard to miss. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Simko, giant necklaces adorn the streets creating barriers across steps and between bollards, with appropriately scaled-up swing tags attached promoting the website details. A good idea in theory, unfortunately let down by the very poor website. But it does at least give information on the six Accessorize stores in the country, and links to the UK site which is far more impressive.

See more pictures at adverblog, or check out the appalling website!

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