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Gap have just re-launched the skinny black pant and have named it ‘The Audrey Hepburn Pant’, in an attempt to gain kudos from allegiance with the iconically stylish actress. You may have already seen Gap’s new “Keep It Simple” TV spots which juxtapose classic footage of Audrey Hepburn dancing in scenes from the classic ‘Funny Face’ in skinny black pants to the 1980 AC/DC hit song “Back in Black”.

Gap’s creative director Trey Laird says of the idea-

“We wanted to do something really special to re-launch our skinny black pants and thought who better to showcase them than actress Audrey Hepburn – an iconic woman famous for dressing with
sophistication and classic style.”

Not everyone seems impressed however, and the Guardian today write about the public feeling towards another large corporation using a dead celebrity to sell a product.

So Gap have decided to beat back negative comments through their charitable donations-

“In celebration of the launch of the “Keep It Simple” ad campaign, Gap is
making a generous contribution to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund.”

To be honest it looks like Gap are just re-using the idea from very clever Volkswagen and Gene Kelly advert, but with not nearly as successful an outcome.

watch the advert
Volkswagen ad

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I knew we were heading the same way as NYC and making London non-smoking but I didn’t realise it was being done by area! SmokefreeIslington is a website celebrating Islington businesses who have decided to enforce the smoking ban already, alongside news and information on quitting.

“Islington Primary Care Trust strongly supports the view that a smokefree borough would benefit the health of all Islington residents. The Smokefree Team aims to make Islington the first smokefree borough in London.”

It seems like lots of local business are on board with this scheme so they may well achieve their goal, and good luck to them- I hope all other London boroughs start their own schemes soon.

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    Noticed this full-page advert in the Jewish Chronicle this morning and was impressed by Tesco’s clever niche targeting. How to engage more with your customer? Understand what’s going on in their lives. Simple, clever and personal advertising like this is surely the future for growing brand loyalty.

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    I saw this in the paper and was surprised by its effectiveness- it’s very simple but makes a strong point that charity can be at any point in your life- even after.

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    Also noticed this yesterday- interesting take on football patriotism!

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