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But Is It Art?

Definitely a crowd pleaser- for the opening party at Frieze Art Fair Jay Jopling had taken the front section of his White Cube gallery space and created an artists studio where Jake and Dinos Chapman were hard at work turning out 30 minute portraits of anyone who wanted to pay £4,500 for the privilege. Img_0962

It looked like there were quite a few takers, but the process itself smacked to me of a clever marketing strategy that cheapened the art and played solely on the celebrity name of the artists. It did however raise the question of art returning to a historical patron/ commision basis, and as one dinner guest (and artist) remarked  – it was playing with the ‘grotesquery of the fair’ and making a point about the mass consumption of art leading to Frieze’s supermarket proportions.

Whatever it was, it was definitely a step up from the
30 minute portraits you usually get!!

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Frieze Art Fair

freize06Frieze Art Fair opened it’s doors again yesterday to an even larger space and more crowded affair than last year. Between the throngs of people sipping champagne and the unavoidable art-celeb-watching I managed to catch a quick look at some of the artworks!

The mood this time is more sombre and less energetic with lots of galleries choosing to show works with a serious message, such as Mark Wallinger’s ‘Painting of the Divide’. Text as art is playing an ever-increasing role and is on display in abundance, one of the strongest being ‘Oedipus’ by Jan Mancuska, although I was also a big fan of Candice Breitz’s pieces which combine photography and text with another key theme- mirrored backgrounds.

Other prevalant ideas shown are backlit and hyper-real photography, geometry in sculptural forms, the blurring boundaries of art and craft, and the use of black and blackened tones in painting and photography. I had to give up about half way through as the crowds got too insane, but more information and images will be posted later…

Freize 2006

freize 2006 02

freize 2006 03

freize 2006 03

freaize 2006 05

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