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I took these pictures of ‘Extraordinary Art Forum’ -the amazing video installation by Tomas Saraceno at the Barbican.

“In his most ambitious project to date, Saraceno has created a dramatic installation featuring a video shot from a ring of 32 cameras floating on the world’s largest salt lake, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Images of the sky reflected on the lake are captured by Saraceno’s cameras and projected onto the 80-metre wall of The Curve, creating a visually stunning panorama in which the viewer is immersed in, and floats amongst, the clouds.

The project continues Saraceno’s exploration of airborne communities as a solution to the world’s exploding population. Could this utopian vision of flying cities become a real and sustainable alternative to urban life.”

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Everlandia, a multimedia project by Martin Bricelj, is an interactive installation at the ICA which according to Art Daily “Challenges the imagination to pick and compose from those landscapes, plants and animals, which most accurate express the image of the individuals dreamland….it re-examines the relationship between man, technoogy and the unknown.”

You can create your own Everlandia at, or just look at other people’s fantasy lands.

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    this was my favourite exhibit- from Odile Decq Benoit Cornette Architects, Paris, entitled ‘God Save the Bat, the new underground’

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    According to some of the architects displaying ideas at ‘The World in One City- A Sketch for London’, part of the London Architecture Biennale, the theme of water is a predominant issue (no great surprise). However a couple of concepts caught my eye in particular-

    ALDO CIBIC AND PARTENERS, Milan, Italy – FARMING-ON-THAMES – “…In 2018, after the collapse of mass distribution due to the high cost of oil, new local micro economies are flourishing; one of the most successful is the ‘floating market’: beautiful barges with vegetable gardens, livestock and fruit from the countryside are mooring at the docks. The barges are very beautiful and some owners live on them, sometimes with the entire family.”

    CHRISTIAN WALDVOGEL, Zurich, Switzerland – LONDON AGGREGATIC CITY – “Global warming is likely to partially melt the polar ice caps: this would cause the mean sea level to rise by dozens of metres. Low-lying cities like London would face a situation where the sea poses a constant threat. The concept of a flexible city that is built “hovering” over London would be an answer to this situation. This city would follow the principles of aggregatic change in its main aspects…. Very large, hollow spheres hover a few km above the city. The air they contain is warmed by the sun, this generates an upward pull large enough to carry the weight of the city branch attached to it.”

    EEA- ERIK VAN EGERAAT ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS, Rotterdam, Holland – TOWER BRIDGE – “Tower Bridge, symbol of London, will be reinterpreted as a new urban environment; 200 metres high, offering space for 1000 families, with infrastructure for a new dimension of city living”

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