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mcdonalds fashion

First it was new designer chairs and muted colours, now McDonald’s in the UK have decided that the staff themselves need a design overhaul and have replaced the brightly coloured uniforms of the burger-flippers of yore with a smarter, sleeker range of designs by UK design institution Bruce Oldfield.

From Brand Republic:

McDonald’s is providing its staff with a new range of uniforms designed by Bruce Oldfield, famous for dressing Princess Diana, Jemima Khan and Sienna Miller, in an attempt to appear more upmarket.

The old outfit’s bright colours have been replaced with more subtle shades of black, beige and brown for the air-hostess style uniforms.

Female management and front of house staff will wear high heels, pencil skirts and scarves, male counterparts will have suits, and the staff who serve the food will wear polo shirts, all in similar colours.

The new uniform will appear in the UK next month for all 67,000 workers to complement the company’s restyled restaurants, at a cost of £2m. McDonald’s said that the clothes made staff feel more confident and customers respect them more.

David Fairhurst, chief people officer at McDonald’s, was reported in The Guardian to have said: “We’ve been on the journey of confidence. And part of that confidence will come from having the staff feel good in their uniforms. “The new uniform reflects how there is now a more upmarket feel to the business. You still have the value meals but there are also the premium ones, and these uniforms give a more premium feel.”

Oldfield said that it had been fun to design the “contemporary look” for employees at McDonald’s and that he had come up with a design that is practical and stylish.

Brand Republic: McDonald’s aims for premium image with designer uniforms

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Advertisement Vs Reality is the name of a project by Pundo3000 that has photographed and compared the images on food packaging with the actual products inside. It’s no surprise to anyone to find blatant mis-advertising on food, and this site created by German journalist Samuel Mueller shows 100 of the worst in what he explains is a true light, with no additions or alterations to add effect. See some of the most unappealing items on this video.

via: Consumerist

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Armani in trouble for ads too

Are adverts getting more provocative or a people getting more paranoid? After the uproar over glamorised violence in the recent D&G ads, people in Spain are now up in arms over the new Armani campaign which they claim is promoting sexual tourism.

The ad in question, for Armani Junior, shows two young girls in make-up smiling at the camera, looking similar to many other children’s clothes adverts seen in glossy magazines. However, according to trendhunter, this one has caused serious offence- mainly it seems due to the fact that one girl is wearing a bikini. Now the Institute for the Defense of Children in Spain is demanding the pics be removed from the campaign. Is it me or does this all seem a bit of an over-reaction?

see the images at

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Gap have just re-launched the skinny black pant and have named it ‘The Audrey Hepburn Pant’, in an attempt to gain kudos from allegiance with the iconically stylish actress. You may have already seen Gap’s new “Keep It Simple” TV spots which juxtapose classic footage of Audrey Hepburn dancing in scenes from the classic ‘Funny Face’ in skinny black pants to the 1980 AC/DC hit song “Back in Black”.

Gap’s creative director Trey Laird says of the idea-

“We wanted to do something really special to re-launch our skinny black pants and thought who better to showcase them than actress Audrey Hepburn – an iconic woman famous for dressing with
sophistication and classic style.”

Not everyone seems impressed however, and the Guardian today write about the public feeling towards another large corporation using a dead celebrity to sell a product.

So Gap have decided to beat back negative comments through their charitable donations-

“In celebration of the launch of the “Keep It Simple” ad campaign, Gap is
making a generous contribution to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund.”

To be honest it looks like Gap are just re-using the idea from very clever Volkswagen and Gene Kelly advert, but with not nearly as successful an outcome.

watch the advert
Volkswagen ad

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This is definitely the funniest thing I have read today- ihaveanidea, Advertising’s Intellectual Archive, is excited to announce that it has commissioned a witch to forge a potion that will enhance the creative abilities of advertising professionals around the world!

“Ads around the world haven’t been that inspiring lately,” says Ignacio Oreamuno, President of ihaveanidea. “I think everyone in the industry could use a spark — a little touch of magic. As a result, we decided to ask Heidi Reiss, a real certified witch to create a magic potion that would enhance the creative abilities of copywriters and art directors around the world”

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    Also noticed this yesterday- interesting take on football patriotism!

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