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The guardian reports on a group of squatters who have taken up residence in one of London’s poshest postcodes. The group – an art collective who call themselves Da! moved into the property a month ago and so far have heard nothing from the owners, although that may change after tonight when the group turn the house into an art installation – with mandatory opening party!

Behind the white pillars and imposing wooden door of the grade II-listed residence, the 30-plus rooms are now scattered with sleeping bags, grubby mattresses, rucksacks spilling over with clothes and endless half-finished art installations. While their neighbours’ walls are lined with priceless paintings, No 18 now exhibits a room full of tree branches and another with a pink baby bath above which dangle test tubes filled with capers. Spooky foetuses line one fireplace.

The group are seasoned squatters. Over the past few years, they have enjoyed some impressive central London addresses – including two on Kensington High Street. But their latest home is “by far the most grandiose”, said Stephanie Smith, 21, one of the group, under a chandelier in the downstairs drawing room.

…tonight the squat is hosting a party. From 7pm to 11pm, the Da! gang will be projecting images on to each of the 19 windows at the front of the squat. “It’s going to look like a doll’s house,” said Smith, “and there is going to be a harpist and a cellist and performance artists.”

If you want to get involved, head on down to 18 Upper Grosvenor Street tonight!

£6m house, 30 rooms, one careful anarchist collective: inside Britain’s poshest squat

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Zoo art fair opened it’s doors for the third year running in the great setting of London Zoo on friday (or thursday for some of us lucky few) to a huge surge of people eager to snap up new emerging artists’ work, and invest in the Next Big Thing.
Of the talent on display here is my pick of the new names that I think are worth watching for the future-


‘White Underneath’ are a collection of vintage portrait photographs from the late 1800s which the artist has painted over to replace the white face of the original sitter with a black one of a member of his family. He explains it as “experimenting with transgressive interventions on paintings as a means of undermining hierarchical roles of the past and imposing them on contemporary narratives”.

Titus has just graduated from Yale and been awarded the prestigious artist-in-residency programme from the Studio Museum, Harlem.


A recent graduate of Camberwell College of Art, ‘So How was It?’ is one of Robert’s delicate pencil works combining soft atmosphere with quirky humour. All four of his pieces have already sold, but look out for more offerings in his first solo show next year


‘Fiat Coupe 2.0 Turbo’ is just one of Raffael’s amazing photographs of crashed luxury cars. His pictures are observations of everyday objects and locations that have lost their original function- in this case taken live at the crash scene (the police call to notify him whenever a sports car crashes), and the resulting images seem hyper-real. Due to have his first solo gallery show in Berlin in November


‘Mental Passages’ is an installation of 54 typographical images, each one representative of the artist’s emotion at the time of conception. The artist is a recent graduate from his native Mexico and has already been picked up by the MOMA Mexico, plus there are plans to produce the images as a book. An ironic title considering the extortionate price tag on this piece- £5000!

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Following in the footsteps of artists like Banksy, the Times has a great article about residents in Norwich who woke up last week to find their postboxes had become works of art.


Thanks to the guerrilla rebranding, a property hotspot known locally as the “golden triangle” now boasts pillar boxes in blue, yellow and, in one particularly affluent district, gold. In another neighbourhood a 3ft question mark was painted on the pavement near a mailbox.

The best part of the story is the reaction from the locals- despite the moaning from the postal service, the people of Norwich have happily welcomed more colour into their lives. Lets hope it gets to stay for a while.

via: The Times

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I’ve always been a big fan of Transport for London’s Platform for Art program, and love seeing the new installations- it brightens up a dull journey when you pull into one if these station-cum-galleries, especially when what you see is as colourful and vibrant as the newest addition to Gloucester Rd- Chiho Aoshima’s ‘City Glow, Mountain Whisper’

According to tfl ” ‘City Glow, Mountain Whisper’ shows a timeless world created by contemporary technology. It suggests a utopian vision of the earth in which the past and future have collided and the boundaries between organic creatures and inanimate things have broken down. It alludes to the results of genetic, technological and environmental developments. A hybrid of the human, the animal, the plant and the man-made is proposed, and life is literally breathed into each building and mountain.”

The work expands along the whole platform, evolving along the way and enticing you to follow it- the only problem is you wish the trains would stop going past and ruining your view!

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    Frank Gehry is designing a branch of the Guggenheim foundation to be the first major art museum to open in the city, which is apparently costing over $200 million and should be built by 2011.

    Abu Dhabi’s crown prince Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said the plan “represents the determination of the Abu Dhabi government to create a world-class cultural destination for its residents and visitors. “

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    Everlandia, a multimedia project by Martin Bricelj, is an interactive installation at the ICA which according to Art Daily “Challenges the imagination to pick and compose from those landscapes, plants and animals, which most accurate express the image of the individuals dreamland….it re-examines the relationship between man, technoogy and the unknown.”

    You can create your own Everlandia at, or just look at other people’s fantasy lands.

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