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We’ve seen it with clothes, handbags and shoes, now Yellow Box Beauty brings the element of surprise to your makeup too.

Focusing on ‘finding brands that are either new to the spotlight or may be on the verge of being the next “it” thing’, the company offer a makeup or beauty product from a hot new brand delivered to your door once a month. Each month a different brand is spotlighted on the website, and alongside the product you receive are different offers such as gifts with a purchase or discounts on orders.

A great way of trying some of the many new cosmetic brands out there, and getting you to branch out from your normal safe choices- as the site says ‘You never know what will show up at your door and that is part of the fun.’

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I noticed these mini Bourjois lip glosses in a shop in Menorca. With a strap to attach to your mobile, it’s a clever move on from the little toys that so many tweens already use to accessorise their phones, and a good way to tie a completely unrelated product in with technology. Personally I am always a fan of products in miniature- they’re so much easier to fit in an evening bag!!!

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