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A great bit of promotion by Lipton- they have taken over part of Soho Square this week and created a fully functioning wi-fi enabled office which anyone can use for free. Considering the record-breaking temperatures at the moment and the lack of air-conditioning in so many workplaces, the chance to work outdoors is proving very popular- as you can see-

“Open from 10am to 6pm on each day the outdoor offices provide everything a London employee needs to ensure they meet their deadline while catching some sunshine including a receptionist and waiting area, three bookable meeting rooms, a workstation area with Wi-Fi hotdesks for fifteen people (provided by T-Mobile) and a free refreshment bar”

If only all offices could be like this!

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    I have been wondering what activity could possibly grab the nation next- from boot camp fitness and ‘Muddy Buddy’ races to parkour and bouldering, everyone seems to be going crazy for adrenaline- chasing, ultra-endurance fitness, so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself noticing an increase in attention towards something far less strenuous- fishing- especially for women!

    CNN reported on the Fishin’ Chix, ‘an elite club of Pensacola women who took to the seas after Hurricane Ivan tore through their upscale neighborhood almost two years ago’, whose founder has ‘launched her own plan to expose more women to what she calls “Armani-style fishing” ‘, whilst over on this side of the pond Nutri-Grain is advertising it’s oat bars with two twentysomething women out on a fishing trip.

    Clearly they think that their target customer who eats her breakfast on the go escapes to the countryside on the weekends, which although probably not very accurate has a definite element of truth- there is a growing environmental guilt from city living and a desire to get back to nature, so maybe fishing is the answer to fill the void in our consumer-driven lives??!

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    Renault UK are promoting their new Megane by launching a season of outdoor drive-in movies across the UK. According to Brand Republic, a deal has been struck with Carat who are”promoting the launch of the Renault Megane’s ‘Do it with Mediterranean Style’ communication platform which will feature on-site food stalls and refreshments at each film screening”. Tickets to the screenings are free from the newly developed microsite, hosted by Channel 4.

    Renault have picked up on a really good guerrilla trend which has been filtering back into consumer consciousness, and are using it in a clever way- the British have a very romanticised view of drive-in movies, (mainly because our climate hasn’t allowed for much outdoor entertainment in the past!) and as our summers get hotter and hotter everyone is looking for new external activities, plus creating an evening’s entertainment around their brand dilutes the message whilst still clearly promoting Renault in a way that is inoffensive to the public- Looks to me like everyone’s a winner!

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    Saw this “Mass Coffee” mobile stall outside a church on Upper Street. Coincidence or clever placement?!!

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