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BHV Homme: Men-only shopping in Paris

men's shopping

Manchic has some pics of BHV Homme, an impressive newly-opened menswear emporium in Paris. The concept store stocks over 150 menswear labels, offering everything from shoes to shirts from both established names and up-and-coming designers. At 4 floors and 43,000sq ft, BHV Homme aims to be the one-stop shop for mens fashion- the question is, will this be attractive or intimidating to male shoppers?

BHV Homme
via Manchic

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The Skinny Model Debate- What about the Men?

In the IHT Susy Menkes reviews the menswear shows from Paris last week and highlights how the current issue of skinny models in the fashion industry is just as prevalent for men as it is for women, with stick thin models and and ultra-skinny tailoring offered from the majority of designers.

“In all the discussion of size-0 models, the skinny male has been left out of the equation. Yet the transformation of the ideal masculine physique, at least in the fashion world, has been as radical as for the female.

Perhaps because Hollywood male stars do not diet as drastically as the women, the effect is less obvious. But on the runways young and thin is king.”

Men seem to have been ignored during the recent global debate, but Ms Menkes makes some important points with this article, aware- as most of us are- that weight issues and eating disorders are not problems reserved solely for young girls.  Oh, and she includes her fabulously succinct catwalk reviews that are well worth reading!

read the full article here

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finiching school for gents

There’s a great article in the inaugural issue of commons&sense man magazine on a new UK finishing academy for men offering a three-day training course on ‘the art of being a gentleman’.

Following the success of the ladies school, there have apparently been many male applicants keen to learn the art of good table manners, hosting skills, deportment, housecraft and the many other lectures offered, the aim of which is to “acquire mastery of how best to conduct yourself in a sophisticated fashion, whether in a business of leisure environment”.

Etiquette is most definitely on the rise so watch out- bowing and curtsying might become the new ‘have a nice day’!

The Finishing Academy

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