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Veja’s Ecological Sneakers reach London

Veja, the first ecological and ethical sneaker brand that launched in Paris and Tokyo in 2005, offers shoes made with organic cotton grown by small producers in North-eastern Brazil and Amazonian wild latex.

Making a trendy name for fair trade, the Veja company also pride themselves on being stocked in some of Europe’s most exclusive and selective fashion shops- and the latest of these to pick them up are two of London’s coolest- Bread and Honey and the Shop at BlueBird who have been offering the range for the past month. As the company explain it “Convincing the customers who are already convinced with fair trade principles is not our prority. We want Veja sneakers to be next to other brands… Ethic aspects shouldn’t be the only reason to explain a purchase”.

read more about Veja here, and find out where you can get your hands on a pair.

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