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Urban Forest reincarnated as Jack Spade Totes

Remember the impressive Urban Forest Project in New York last summer? Well the 186 banners that were brightening up the streets around Time Square are now being recycled into very limited edition tote bags- and with only 2 being made from each banner these must surely be the rarest accessories around! As the site explains “The tree is metaphor for sustainability, and in that spirit the banners from the exhibition are now being recycled into totebags designed
exclusively for the project by Jack Spade

Not only are they caring for the environment, all profits from the bag sales are going to Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships and the AIGA/NY Mentoring Program to sustain the next generation of design talent. Unfortunately as the sale started yesterday some of our favourites have already been snapped up, but if you head to the site quickly you may still be able to nab one of the ones pictured below-


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Don’t know what to do with your old jeans? How about wearing them on your feet?! is an offshoot of UK footwear manufacturer Softwalker that offers just such a service; you send in an old pair and they will ‘turn your blue jeans into green sandals’.

The impressive website explains not only the benefits of recycling clothing but also makes of a point of detailing the minimal carbon footprint involved in the creation and purchasing of these sandals-

‘Our Kalahari sandals have the lowest  transport footprint of any sandal on the market because they are made in the UK, not 5,000 miles away as 99% of the footwear  on sale in the UK  is.’

An interesting eco take on the personalised/ customised craze, check out more here

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