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Time Out London today has a great article about London’s only dedicated cinema-within-a-hospital at St Thomas’s in Westminster. Set up five years ago, the idea is to provide a bit of escapism for patients, aiming to help their physical and emotional wellbeing and create some sense of normality to help relationships with their families too. Mark, the cinema manager told Time Out

“You have fathers who are never going to see their son play football again or do that male bonding activity. So to be able to, say, come and see a film with your son at the weekend, it’s a way of normalising the situation”

MediCinema says it is dedicated to bringing ‘big screen therapy’ to as many patients in as many hospitals as possible, as it believes strongly in the therapeutic value of such entertainment.

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    This flier for Lunchdate London landed on my desk today, and the playful slogan caught my attention. A new dating service aimed at busy London professionals, it’s usp is ‘Why risk your precious evenings when you can keep first dates short and sweet at lunchtime’- a polite way of saying in the likelihood that the date is crap you know you won’t have to waste more than an hour!

    According to their website

    “The answer is simple: date people who work in your area! That way you know they’re in the same industry as you, so you’re bound to have loads to talk about. And you can just meet at lunch or for a quick drink after work, so you’ll have time to chat and flirt and test the all-important chemistry, but it won’t take up a whole evening or cost a bundle”

    I’m not sure that London can be divided quite like that, or if having a partner in the same profession is such a good thing, but i’d be intrigued to know their success rate

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