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Michiko Koshino has always been a designer who pushes boundaries of fashion into art, and the new Michiko Koshino store is testament to this. Located on Broadwick St in London’s soho the store is ‘presenting fashion within a gallery’- outfits are suspended from the ceiling on mannequins and hangers to create a new kind of interactive retail experience for the shopper.

Michiko3The black drapes, monochrome interior and glass cabinets create a dauntingly somber atmosphere with Victorian undertones that compliment the clothes and enhance the awareness to detail that Michiko’s designs contain.

Alongside the main range and the Mickino Koshino couture are well-chosen conceptual collections by Rick Owens, Sharon Wauchob, Julius and Sue Stemp, all of which reflect and heighten the overall atmosphere that this store exudes. Definitely worth a visit.

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