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Earlier this week I visited the Natural History Museum’s exhibition in partnership with Cape Farewell; ‘a free, contemporary art exhibition designed to deepen our understanding of climate change’. The exhibition offered an array of interesting interpretations, most notably Michele Noach’s contour ‘Contextascope’, David Buckland’s ice texts, and Anthony Gormley’s ice-cast ‘Marker One’- although ‘Stranded’, the crystal-encrusted whale skeleton by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey makes the loudest statement, showing the impact of climate change in endangering species in a hauntingly beautiful way.

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  • The best part of the exhibition for me though, was the Ideas Tank computer screen where you could find information on a wide array of practical solutions and positive approaches for encorporating the idea of sustainability into your life, and then email yourself any that you wanted more information on. Here are some of the interesting ideas on offer-

    -CarbonNeutral Flight Calculator
    Return flights to Paris for £3.20? Well that’s the cost of the offset anyway. The CarbonNeutral Flight Calculator measures your flight emissions, then works out how much you need to spend to ‘neutralise’ them. The money you spend goes towards community projects that save exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide.

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  • -Sustrans
    It’s easy to focus on the problems created by increased car use, instead Sustrans provides creative, imaginative and practical solutions, aiming to change the way we travel by increasing the amount people walk and cycle. Use the interactive map to discover cycle routes near you and what you’ll see along the way. Disused railway lines, canal towpaths, riversides and parks – the National Cycle Network offers 16,000 miles of signed cycle routes throughout the UK, putting almost 75 per cent of the UK population within two miles of the network.

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  • -Buy Nothing Day-
    Participate by not participating. Buy Nothing Day is a personal 24-hour experiment, a challenge simply not to buy anything. Founded 14 years ago by ex-advertising executive Kalle Lasn, and propelled into a global protest movement via the Internet, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated in more than 65 countries by millions of people, each celebrating this anti-holiday in their own way. Concerned with sustainability and the political implications of our culture of over-consumption, it has inspired some seriously provocative and interesting actions

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  • -Home-brewed fuel-
    ‘Today, 42-year-old Steele is one of Britain’s growing brigade of biodiesel fans. His red Volvo, a familiar sight in Manchester, runs on fuel brewed in his garden from oil he obtains from local kebab and fish-and-chip shops. “The beauty is that organic-origin oil has as much specific energy as oil of mineral origin and there is enough renewable energy for our needs,” said Steele, who whips up 250-litre (66-gallon) batches of diesel with an apparatus he perfected over the years. Advocates say biodiesel is the solution to fuel shortages, pollution, global warming and farming problems

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