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As the democratic candidates battle it out with the help of celebrity endorsements, songs, and social media, one area that has been hotly contested on the web is the use of creative design in their campaigns. The websites and logos have been weighed against each other many a time, but now thanks to two notable design names the campaign T-shirt is the newest recipient of such attention. In the Obama corner is the recently created Progress T-shirt by artist Shepard Fairey, whilst fighting back on Hillary’s side is fashion giant Marc Jacobs with the version above. An interesting point about accessibility- it seems as though the Hillary Tee costs $38 and is only available in Marc Jacobs retail stores, whilst the Obama ones were initially given away for free at his rallies and are now available online for a rather cheaper $25.

According to fashion blog My Fashion Life, both versions are selling for far higher than the retail prices in an Ebay battle, however “If Ebay statistics are a reliable source of political predicition (Obama t-shirts selling for an average of $381.39 and Hilary’s for $54.82 ), then we are looking not only at an increase in political style, but a very happy Obama to boot!”

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