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Following in the footsteps of artists like Banksy, the Times has a great article about residents in Norwich who woke up last week to find their postboxes had become works of art.


Thanks to the guerrilla rebranding, a property hotspot known locally as the “golden triangle” now boasts pillar boxes in blue, yellow and, in one particularly affluent district, gold. In another neighbourhood a 3ft question mark was painted on the pavement near a mailbox.

The best part of the story is the reaction from the locals- despite the moaning from the postal service, the people of Norwich have happily welcomed more colour into their lives. Lets hope it gets to stay for a while.

via: The Times

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Renault UK are promoting their new Megane by launching a season of outdoor drive-in movies across the UK. According to Brand Republic, a deal has been struck with Carat who are”promoting the launch of the Renault Megane’s ‘Do it with Mediterranean Style’ communication platform which will feature on-site food stalls and refreshments at each film screening”. Tickets to the screenings are free from the newly developed microsite, hosted by Channel 4.

Renault have picked up on a really good guerrilla trend which has been filtering back into consumer consciousness, and are using it in a clever way- the British have a very romanticised view of drive-in movies, (mainly because our climate hasn’t allowed for much outdoor entertainment in the past!) and as our summers get hotter and hotter everyone is looking for new external activities, plus creating an evening’s entertainment around their brand dilutes the message whilst still clearly promoting Renault in a way that is inoffensive to the public- Looks to me like everyone’s a winner!

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