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Toptipsforgirls- online help for sticky situations offers advice from a range of women in the know on how to survive any situation modern society may throw at you. Launched only two weeks ago, according to the site is already receiving over 2,500 visitors a day wanting tips on how to deal with everything from how to get dressed for a date to how to get chewing-gum out of hair!

‘Top Tips For Girls is the ever-expanding bible of genuine advice,
combining modern tips with the remembered fragments of our
grandmothers’ wisdom. All about the sisterhood, this is for women who
actually like other women. Users are asked not just to take, but to
leave something handy behind.’

Set up by journalist Kate Reardon, the site aims to utilise the knowledge of all the wise women out there to create an amazing practical and useful online resource, or as she explains it- “it’s like being in the bathroom at a party with millions of women, all
of whom want to give you advice”.

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A new exhibition has just opened at the Museum at FIT, looking at the influence of armor and other military styles on fashion. Ok, sounds pretty unexciting, but more than just chain mail and uniforms the curators have looked at female power through clothing, dividing the exhibition into four sections-

-‘The Weaponized Woman’ featuring warrior-like fashions by Boudicca, JPG, Versace and Yamamoto,
-‘The Hard Body’ which looks at moulded forms on the catwalk including pieces by Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler and Hussein Chalayan,
-‘Officers, Not Gentlemen’ showing how military uniforms are used in contemporary fashion,
-‘Skin2: Weapons of Seduction’ which explores the allure of lingerie

Power through clothing seems a prevalent topic at the moment, and as more stylish women take prime positions in male-dominated environments (Segolene Royal, Zaha Hadid), designers are producing clothes that harness ‘the spirit of warrior women’ (think of the last collections by Marios Schwab or Viktor and Rolf, and the recent return to animal prints). This is one trend that is set to continue- men had better watch out!!

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    I have been wondering what activity could possibly grab the nation next- from boot camp fitness and ‘Muddy Buddy’ races to parkour and bouldering, everyone seems to be going crazy for adrenaline- chasing, ultra-endurance fitness, so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself noticing an increase in attention towards something far less strenuous- fishing- especially for women!

    CNN reported on the Fishin’ Chix, ‘an elite club of Pensacola women who took to the seas after Hurricane Ivan tore through their upscale neighborhood almost two years ago’, whose founder has ‘launched her own plan to expose more women to what she calls “Armani-style fishing” ‘, whilst over on this side of the pond Nutri-Grain is advertising it’s oat bars with two twentysomething women out on a fishing trip.

    Clearly they think that their target customer who eats her breakfast on the go escapes to the countryside on the weekends, which although probably not very accurate has a definite element of truth- there is a growing environmental guilt from city living and a desire to get back to nature, so maybe fishing is the answer to fill the void in our consumer-driven lives??!

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